Imagine that you live happy, relaxed and full of energy 

- with a great relationship to your child

This is for you who want to get less fighting and conflicts with your child.

What we'll talk about:

Key #1 How to set boundaries without fighting.

Key #2 How to calm your child when they are upset

Key #3 What to do when nothing seems to work

KEY #1
How to stay calm during difficulties.
Are you longing for more peace in your life? 
You'll get techniques in order to make yourself feel more calm?
KEY #2
How to stay happy despite the circumstances.
Have you ever seen a woman who seems to be happy regardless of what's happening around her? I'll share one of the key - secrets on how that's possible.
 How to love yourself unconditionally.
One of the thing I have struggled with the most was that I compared myself with others and that I didn't love myself.  

Everything changed

I used to be tired, stressed and worried, being angry and frustrated with my children.
But then I got the tools in order to communicate and understand, be calm, happy and a better mother than I ever imagined.
Now I'm happier and more fulfilled than I thought possible, and I have a great relationship with my children. 
Boundaries have never been easier, and we don't fight.
And I would love to share the keys with you.

I have a pedagogical education and I'm a trained pedagogue specialising in children, their development and upbringing.

Now it's time for you to experience it too!
You can get your child to listen to you without fighting and conflicts and love every minute of it.

Come and join me :)

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About me

I'm Anne Kristine Aksnes.
I'm from Norway and I'm the mother of Julia, Maria and Kristian.
I'm a teacher, coach, processor, public speaker and the author of the book "How to understand your child - a key to balance in parenting".
I've studied psychology, NLP, different coaching methodologies, communication, leadership, how to help children and teens deal with trauma, psychology, relationships, parenting styles, the four child/adult attachment styles, and processing.
I've spent the last 20 years working with more than a thousand children, teens, youth, teachers and parents through my work as a teacher, coach and leader and also as a mother, and I would love to share my thoughts with you.


Bianca Pahuta, Bucharest, Romania

"I would recommend Anne to any parent, mother or father who wants to create a loving environment in their families. 
Learn from this strong woman, from her experience and from her wisdom. 
Her soul is beautiful and her love for children and for the world in general is so pure. 
She is a professional in her area and has many years of experience behind. 
I truly believe that her expertise would bring a huge advantage to anyone working with her."

Nikhil V. Kumar, New Delhi, India 

"I couldn’t help but feel that I was in a very safe and warm place when Anne was talking. 
I just felt that I was in the right place at the right time with the right person and I just want to say that you can trust Anne completely. 
She knows what she’s doing, she is absolutely fantastic and an amazing human being. 
You can't go wrong."

Hiwet Alemayhu Gebrie, Skien, Norway 

"Anne is a really good person that truly care about others. She has a lot of knowledge and experience, and has really helped me in my communication and relationship with my children. She always wants what is best for the children, and she knows what they need and how I can give it to them. She also helped me to give my children what they needed as individuals. Her tips, techniques and tools are very effective, and I recommend her from the bottom of my heart.
Working with her has transformed my life."
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