How to find your zen in parenting

Friday, Nov 13th 

6pm UK Time
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What You Will Learn On This FREE Webinar:
Why what you've heard about parenting is a big fat lie

Do you remember how things where when you grew up? 
What about how things were 15 years ago?
There's a reason why there's a severe increase in depression and suicide attempts amongst children and teens in the world today, and I'll cover this and more in this webinar. 
Almost NOTHING is the same in our world compared to before. 
So how come so many people think that they can raise their child the same way as their parents raised them?
The #1 critical element you need to know about your child

How many times have you been thinking: "What's wrong with this kid? Why doesn't they do as I tell them to do? What does they really need?"
In this webinar I'll cover the #1 most critical element your child needs from you ESPECIALLY in this time, with a worldwide pandemic going on.
 How to help your child during this time
Bonus: One reason your child won't listen to you
One of the questions parents have asked me the most after the pandemic started impacting our lives to such a degree is "How can I help my child during this time?
That's why I'm going to share a bit about it in this webinar.
One thing that's become really visible for many parents during the lockdown is that their child won't listen to them. 
If that sounds familiar, please join me on this webinar, as I share from my experience about the topic.
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