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Add another $39 to your purchase and get the complete parenting course package. This includes a Certificate, Affirmations for both children and parents, as well as my Code of Honor.  These will help you on your journey!

Certification Level 1

A certificate that is a visible proof that you completed the online course. Hang it up on your wall.

Affirmation for Parents

Affirmation for you as a parent to say out loud every day in order to prime yourself for the day and to become a better parent.

Affirmation for Children

Affirmations for your child to say out loud that will prepare them for the day, and which will also build confidence and strengthen their mental and emotional immune defence.

Code of

I’ve created these rules based on the code of honor from some of the most successful people I know, and I know that this will make a huge difference in your life if you choose to live by them as well.

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